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Binary Logic provides apps for English language learning and free add-ons for the BELT Online system and the ELT Skills platform.
BELT Student (Free App)
BELT Student is a free app to monitor a student's performance through the BELT Online Management Platform. You will need an active BELT Online account to have access to your grades. BELT Online is the ideal solution for the ELT / ESL classroom and a valuable supplement to any English language teaching course. BELT Student provides the easiest way to monitor your progress in English anytime and anywhere.
BELT English Vocabulary Lite (Free App)
BELT English Vocabulary Lite is a free and addictive way for young children to practice their English vocabulary. Over a million students have used BELT multimedia material to practice the English language on their desktop computer, and now part of this quality material is available on an iPad, the best way to practice your English anywhere and anytime! BELT English Vocabulary Lite will teach you over 350 words and sample phrases in context to help you understand the meaning. But building vocabulary is only part of the language learning process. To master the English language, check if your school offers BELT Online as a supplement to the teacher's work in the classroom.
BELT English Vocabulary
BELT English Vocabulary will teach you over 2200 words with the correct pronunciation and thousands of sample phrases in context to help you understand the meaning. The words in BELT English Vocabulary cover the levels of A1 and A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) of the Council of Europe, the syllabus commonly used by schools all over the world.
BELT English Vocabulary is the best tool available for children in primary schools to improve their vocabulary. Features include:
  • Text, audio and pictures all in one.
  • Achieve maximum recall by leveraging both auditory and visual memory. Example sentences demonstrating proper usage of each word.
  • Professionally recorded audio pronunciations of all the words AND all the example phrases.
  • Word browser to help you find specific words quickly and easily.
  • 2285 words that cover A1 and A2 levels of CEFR.