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Binary Logic has been working actively with schools, universities and Ministries of Education around the world since 1982 and is well known for the quality of its educational resources and services. The company belongs to the MM International Group which was founded in 1974 and since then it has been dedicated to excellence in education. The founders of Binary Logic are educators who decided to incorporate technology early on as they saw the need for innovative ways and methods to enrich students’ learning experience. With Belt Study System and Belt Online, we’ve made English language learning practical, flexible and fun through learning experiences that are interactive and tailored to students’ specific needs. In today’s everchanging society, we are focusing on the subject of Computing and ICT in schools. Through our innovative curriculum and academic support we have become a worldwide leader.

Our experience in school environments

We design complete solutions for real classroom conditions. The students’ needs determine the form of our educational material and with our extensive experience in educational technology we are well positioned to meet the challenges in a wide variety of school environments. There are thousands of schools and universities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America using educational solutions created by Binary Logic.

What drives us is simple: make technology an asset for your life and business, not a problem. We strive to become your technology partner and we will work hand in hand with you to support your growth. Binary Logic, through the best technologies available, educational content with superior quality and our talented associates, will become the leading provider of innovative educational solutions.

Binary Logic

Binary Logic was founded by educators.



Binary-1: The School Management System is released for IBM PCs and compatibles.

Euro-BELT was launched - the first complete DOS-based system to practice your English, French, German and Italian in a school's computer lab. BELT/S for students and BELT/T for teachers.



Binary-Exams: An integrated examinations solution for automatic paper grading and management.

belt-mm was released - the first multimedia English language learning solution for school computer labs covering 9 levels.



Master your English Readers: the first interactive e-book series for English language learners

Zoom published by MM Publications: the first ELT coursebook with an interactive student's CD-ROM.



Belt Study System: From Kindergarten to C2 exams, everything you need for your English language lab.

MM Interactive Whiteboard software: Innovative IWB solutions for teachers of English published by MM Publications.



BELT Online: The first hybrid solution for connected English language labs with 17 different levels.

Digital Kids and Digital Teens: The first global Computing-ICT curriculum for Primary and Secondary schools.



ELT Skills: Practice your English anywhere and anytime - the complete English language solution for web, tablets and smartphones.

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