Data Capturing
& Management
Wherever information has to be entered in a computer correctly and quickly, there’s a necessity for OMR (Optical Mark Reading). Marks, entered in predefined forms at a document by pencil or pen, are “read” by our OMR Reader. The read information is passed to the computer for processing by an application software.
This technologie enables to read quantities of data with highspeed as well reliability and enter the information to a computer without keyboard by our OMR reader. In addition it can be conjunct with different options like barcode-reading, printing or scanning for still more effectiveness.
Our solutions:
  • Custom software development for processing large volumes of information
  • Applications for keyboardless data-entry using OMR (Optical Mark Reader)
  • Applications for data capturing using handheld PCs
  • Software for fast and flexible data-entry on mobile devices (Tablet PCs, Pocket PCs, Notebooks)
  • Data-entry services
  • Market research and all types of data collection