Custom Interactive Whiteboard Software
Binary Logic can deliver custom Interactive Whiteboard solutions based on any kind of educational material for any subject. Powerful software wrapped in an intuitive interface with a rich set of tools that are easy to use right at your fingertips.
With our software there’s no learning curve. From the first time you use it, the simple interface lets you work right away. We can bring together your ideas, content and interactivity to help educators create fun and engaging classroom experiences.
With technologies like Adobe Flash and HTML5/Javascript, we can include animations, videos, audio and any other resource you can imagine. Working closely with you and your team, our developers and instructional designers take your idea from initial product concept through to final design and into the classroom. Throughout, you benefit from Binary Logic's experience and expertise in educational technology.
Students can’t wait to come up and touch the interactive whiteboard. That’s because it gives teachers a fun way to invigorate lessons with interactive content. As a result, students perform better, retain more information and build 21st century skills.