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Binary Logic provides solutions for the education sector tailored to students’ and teachers' needs. Find how we can support you in implementing our products and services.
Contract-Based Support
Contract-based support gives you the flexibility to choose the support options that best fit your organization and includes updates and new releases, consultative support and problem resolution support.
Updates and new releases
Our commitment to innovation and support ensures your technological future by providing access to the latest enhancements and new releases for the entire duration of the product license. We develop our software using the latest technology available. In contrast we try to keep the hardware requirements of software to a minimum so that enterprises with older PCs can use it immediately and continue using it for a long period of time without any need for upgrading the hardware.
Problem Resolution Support
Binary Logic provides advice and worldwide technical support on using its solutions either through its distribution network which comprises qualified agents with skilled staff or through the internet via email or remote assistance. You receive the priority service you need for a quick resolution of technical problems as they occur. Our support staff solves your emergencies and will devote full attention to any issues until they are resolved.
Consultative Support
We will provide installation and tuning advice, in addition to helping you identify and address potential problems before they happen. In this way you can reduce the time, effort and cost associated with operating our solution. Our support will help ensure your next project is a success.
Future proof
In order to have access to beta and pre-release versions of operating systems, networking software and development tools, Binary Logic is a member of the Microsoft Developer Network and through our associates we are involved in GITCA (Global IT Community Association for IT Professionals) and the International .NET Association (for developers).